Burnham-On-Sea photographer Mike Price has opened a unique photographic exhibition in the town’s St Andrews Church, running from May 20th to June 20th 2019.

He is demonstrating that there is still life in common or garden black and white photography.

He told Burnham-On-Sea.com: “Colour was so exciting when it became affordable in the mid-20th century, but there are merits in removing colour and enjoying images stripped to their tonal beauty.  Sometimes colour gets in the way of telling the photograph’s story.”

Three themes run through the exhibition are landscape, people, and man-made lines. Some of the photographs were taken of local people and scenes.

Mike adds: “The Church is such a lovely setting for my exhibition.”

“The temporary gallery provides the necessary space and since the Church’s refurbishment last year the gallery’s lighting is perfect.”

“I’m thankful to Dave Eldergill for hanging the exhibition for me – which is, in itself, an art-form.”

The exhibition can be viewed Monday to Saturday during the Church’s summer opening times of 11am to 4pm.