Sedgemoor District Council has completed a clean-up of Burnham-On-Sea’s main beach this week following safety concerns about metal debris from the town’s old sea defences emerging in the sand.

A number of old metallic objects, plus rocks and other debris, had become visible in the sand between Burnham’s jetty and Pavilion earlier this week, as pictured, following a series of high tides.

Sedgemoor District Council, which manages the beach, says its Clean Surroundings Team has cleared the beach in time for the busy holiday season.

Council spokeswoman Claire Faun told “We removed a fair amount of metal from the area in question on Tuesday and Wednesday. This included digging down to ensure that any metal work was cut off well below ground level.”

“We assume that the metal and the concrete it is attached to formed part of the old sea defences.”

She added: “We will monitor the situation over the coming weeks to see what happens with time and tides.”